Driving and Travel for Expats in India

Driving and Travel for Expats in India

India is a vast country and getting around can be a challenge as well as an adventure. As an expat, you need to find the best ways to travel if you want to save time and money. From modern metro systems in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata to old fashioned hand pulled rickshaws, the transport system in India is quite varied and you may be easily overwhelmed with the many choices.

Driving in India

Expats with an international driving license are legally allowed to drive but you do need to remember that driving on the roads of India is not for the faint hearted. The traffic can come from all directions and there is utter disregard to rules and regulations to be followed on the road.

The signals installed on the roads malfunction a lot and it is never going to be smooth driving for you on the road. Navigating the chaotic roads and streets requires a lot of skills and as an expat you may find yourself not qualified to do so. The erratic drivers of public transport systems of auto rickshaw add to the chaos.

The road standards in India vary significantly and although the national highways are maintained properly, you may find that most roads are full of potholes and not easy to drive. It is best to hire a driver so that you do not have to deal with the stress of driving on these difficult roads.

Public Transport System

The public transport system in India comes with its own set of challenges. It is usually crowded and most expats may feel a bit uncomfortable if they are not used to travelling in a big crowd with everyone jostling for space. Buses and trains are a cost-effective mode of travel in India.


Buses are the cheapest ways to get around. Each state in India has its own state bus company and they can be used to travel from one end of the city to the other. Buses of one state also travel to the other state and are often the best way to travel if you do not mind the heat and humidity.


If you want to explore India, then trains are the best option. All parts of India are well connected by trains and you can travel in comfort.


With many lost cost airlines offering their services in India, it makes sense to travel in style and comfort.

Plan your travel so that you can get maximum comfort at minimum price.

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